"Healthy Three -character Sutra", the stomach of "eating too full" after the rescue!

Some people "get sick from the mouth",

Someone "eats health",

Some people do not eat meat for eating meat,

Someone drinks a glass of cold water.


They are all spleen and stomach.

Dragon Boat Festival holiday,

Of course you have to let go and eat!

Hot pot and barbecue ~

Fat cattle and seafood eat ~

There are cakes, chocolates, wine and coffee …


After induling and happy,

The stomach may be prone to uncomfortable symptoms.

Bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea …

general speaking,

Just eat, support, indigestion!

After the festival, the stomach is uncomfortable. What should I do?

How to do daily health conditioning?


Deputy Dean of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Population Development Research

Chief physician

Do 6 o’clock, the stomach is healthier after the holiday

The rules of schedule, the biological clock enters the right track

The dietary law is first of all.Imagine that staying up late at night, when you are hungry, do you want to have some supper?If you can’t get up in the morning, will you save breakfast?In this way, the irregular work and rest will lead to a messy diet and cannot be adjusted.

The short -lived work rest is irregular and needs to be adjusted as soon as possible. The longer the time, the more difficult it is to adjust.

Happy mood, easily face new challenges

In good mood, digestion will be better, bad mood, tea rice is not thought, and symptoms such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, chest tightness qi and qi can occur after angry. These indicate that mental factors are related to gastrointestinal activity.

We must relax, continue to be happy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce the amount of food and let the gastrointestation rest

Eat too much during the festival, you need to reduce the amount of food and let the gastrointestinal rest rest, but three meals daily still need to be regularly followed.

According to the daily amount of activity and hunger, the amount of food is reduced by 1/3 or even 1/2. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the intake of snacks to avoid disassembling the east wall to make up the west wall and inadvertently intake.

Slow slowing the pace, you should chew slowly and swallow it.

After the Dragon Boat Festival, the gastrointestinal operation is excessively operated, the function is not as good as before, or unlimited foods are still left. At this time, you need to chew slowly when you eat.Secretion, thereby reducing the burden on the stomach and intestines.

Exercise appropriately to promote metabolic disorders

"Three pounds of fat every festival", eating more is one thing, and less exercise is also a reason. Exercise can quickly increase the consumption of calories, relieve symptoms such as bloating, and reduce fat storage.

Exercise not only makes people feel happy, but also promotes blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, quickly restore digestive function, eliminates bloating, constipation, poor appetite, etc.You can choose different exercise methods and strengths according to different conditions, such as swimming, playing, climbing, fast running, jogging, jumping, yoga, etc.

Adjust the ingredients, be light -oriented, more coarse grains

The festivals are heavy and heavy, and the human digestive organs are unsatisfactory. Excessive diet can also lead to increasing garbage in the body. Other problems, such as constipation and getting angry.At this time, we can adjust the proportion of food properly, and more valleys.

Giveting food is mainly about the whole grain, which refers to the embryos, valley embryos, grain and paste layer groups that are not processed without refined processing or sinking (crushing or crushing) treatment.Divided grain.And our rice noodles are what we talk about, relatively "fine" and more refined food.

We recommend at least half of the coarse grains (such as sweet potatoes, sorghum: corn, or other beans) every day to eat at least half of the day, so we must not eat fine food in the valley, we must have this concept.

The digestive function of the elderly may be weakened. If it is normal, it can also supplement the food of coarse grains in moderation. This is a suggestion of whole grain food.

Source: Guangdong Public DV site

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