"Flowing" is a small operation?After reading these 5 o’clock, you are silent …

I do n’t want accidental pregnancy, choosing to terminate pregnancy with painless abortion is becoming more and more common today.So in the eyes of many people, the flow of people is a small surgery that is commonplace. It is not a big deal that can be done casually. In fact, it is not.

Director of the Gynecology Department of Shishi Modern Hospital pointed out that although abortion surgery does not open, most of them do not need to be hospitalized, but the surgery does not have the size, it is a creative operation, and there are surgical risks.

During the operation, major bleeding, uterine perforation, and cervical damage may occur. It may also be surgery due to residual tissue in the palace.

However, if you operate in a regular hospital by a qualified doctor, the incidence of serious complications in the abortion is very low, and it is still a relatively safe operation.

Does the flow of people affect fertility?

The flow of people will indeed have some impact on future fertility.Studies have shown that the incidence of fallopian tube obstruction is 25.5%and 50%compared to multiple (4-5 times) artificial abortion, respectively, and the incidence of uterine cavity adhesion is 0.9%and 14.8%, respectively.The incidence of endometriosis is 7.8%and 34.9%, respectively.

Therefore, do not do it without a flow of people, do less if you can do less.If you have to do it, you don’t have to be too pessimistic. The ability of our human body to repair and the development of auxiliary reproductive technology is trustworthy.

When does the flow of people do?

The abortion time is generally within two and a half months after menopause. At this time, the increase in the uterus is not obvious. There are not many pregnancy tissues, the fetus is very small, and it is easy to suck. When the surgery is under surgery, the surgery time is short and less bleeding.The postoperative recovery is fast. There is no need to be hospitalized after surgery. As long as you rest for about 2 hours, you can go home without the same.

If the pregnancy time is more than 10 weeks, the embryo has taken shape, and then the abortion surgery will become complicated, the surgery time is long, and the postoperative recovery will be slow.You can’t be a flow of people, you can only induce labor.

How is the number of days of pregnancy calculated?

For women with a stable menstrual cycle, such as 28 days, and it has always been regular, so she can calculate the gestational week through her menopause date.Notice!The discontinuation date mentioned here refers to calculation from the first day of the last menstruation, rather than the last menstrual cleanliness.

For example: The first day of the last menstrual period was February 1, 2023, then the calculation of the estimated day on March 14, 2023 was 42 days of pregnancy.For women with irregular menstrual cycles, you can use B -ultrasound for observation and inference.

Can I choose the drug flow?

There is a strict time limit for drug flow: within 49 days of pregnancy.But stay in the hospital to observe whether the pregnancy tissue is clean.Otherwise, improper abortion will lead to major bleeding.However, the incomplete abortion rate of drug abortion is high. If the flow is not clean, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

For a long time for the birth of the drug and centers, it is easy to induce gynecological diseases or other diseases.

It is recommended that female friends should choose a suitable way of abortion under the guidance of clinicians after examination.

Why do you need to be checked before abortion?

The pre -surgery examination and medical history control of artificial abortion surgery are essential.

The corresponding gynecological examination and urine pregnancy experiment, B -ultrasound, blood, urine and other routine examinations must be performed before abortion.

Pre -surgery can be confirmed to be pregnant, the size of the pregnancy sac (confirming the pregnancy time) and position (excluding ectopic pregnancy), whether there are gynecological inflammation (surgical infection and complications), and so on.If the body is found abnormal, it is recommended to perform abortion surgery after related treatment to ensure the safety of surgery.

What should I pay attention to after abortion?

1. Painless abortion surgery should be observed for 2 hours. Pay attention to vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. If there is no response, you can go home.

2. The painless abortion needs to rest for 2 weeks, and prevent cold and colds. Eat more nutritious foods to restore the body as soon as possible.

3. Pay attention to nutritional matching in diet to ensure protein intake.Eat more vegetables and fruits, but eat less raw, cold and hard foods to avoid indigestion caused by stimulating intestinal tract.

4. Psychological recovery. After experiencing painless abortion surgery, women will have a series of mental symptoms such as depression, depression, crying, irritability, insomnia.This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body before and after pregnancy, and most people will be cured.However, after surgery, it also has an important role in whether women can recover as soon as possible.

Women’s bodies are relatively fragile, so when there is no fertility, sexual life must take contraceptive measures.If you accidentally get pregnant, you should also seek medical treatment as soon as possible and take corresponding measures in the right time to avoid greater damage in the future.

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