"Dreaming about the child’s results is really pregnant", so can the baby dream really indicate that pregnancy?

No one does not dream, dreams are symbiotic with people. Although we know that dreams and reality are not the same thing, but the world of dreams, we are still curious and even love the beauty of dreams.

Regarding the relationship between dreams and reality, some people say that dreams are something that indicates that real life is about to happen, and some people say that there is a dream and dreaming every day, and people think too much during the day. It is very easy to dream.

There has always been a different statement about dreams. It belongs to a controversial topic. It seems that everyone is default. If a group has the same dream, it will have a certain role of reality.Dream.

After flipping on the Internet, I often see that Bao Ma shared her own dream experience on the Internet, and compared with reality, it was very accurate:

"I before I dreamed that two children ran from the forest to me, and asked me if I wanted them. I replied that I was pregnant when I went to check it later.Don’t be too accurate "

"When I was pregnant, I once dreamed that a snake dragged a little boy and put it in front of me. Later, after the child was born, he was really a boy, so this dream is too accurate."

So, can fetal dream really indicate about pregnancy?

Generally speaking, women who can have a baby dream are either pregnancy or preparation during pregnancy. In these two periods, women will have great expectations for their children.The child, who gave himself some psychological hints, is easy to dream when going to bed at night, dreaming of your own dream, that is, the dream of the fetus.

It is undeniable that there will be a coincidence, but the coincidence is a probability time and cannot be used as a forestein of pregnancy.

If you find that you have frequent fetal dreams during pregnancy, but you have to pay attention if you have never really been pregnant. This may be caused by too much psychological pressure, because it really wants children too much. At this time, it is recommended to relax yourself.Don’t be too strong, have time to go out with the other half to dissipate your mind. After all, successful pregnancy is related to the mentality. In addition, pay more attention to rest ~

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