"Dream of Red Mansions": After Xue Baozhen was pregnant, I knew how ridiculous Jia Baoyu’s love for Lin Daiyu was

After the jade on the neck of Jia Baoyu’s neck, the whole person seemed to lose his soul. He was sober and confused every day, and he was no longer the spirit of the past.Jiafu has been hit hard, and Baoyu is mentally scattered. Mother Jia decided to tell Baoyu about family relationships and rushed to Baoyu and Jiafu.

Jia mother knew that Baoyu liked Daiyu as well, but she couldn’t see Daiyu’s humble and weak body of life. She thought that she could not take care of Baoyu in the future, so she decided to match her kind and sensible Baoyu and Baoyu.In order to avoid Baoyu’s troubles and Daiyu’s injuries, Jia’s mother decided to use Wang Xifeng’s "tuning plan" to cover Daiyu and Baoyu in the drum.When Baoyu and Baodi’s marriage raw rice to cook mature rice, even if Daiyu and Baoyu found that they were deceived, they could not recover anything.

Who knew that before Baoyu’s marriage, Daiyu accidentally learned from a girl’s mouth that the bride who became married with Baoyu was a treasure, not her.Lin Daiyu’s heart was mixed in her heart, and she couldn’t tell any taste.She carried a heavy body and walked to Baoyu’s room.

The original book wrote: Dai Yu walked into the room by herself, and saw Baoyu sitting and smirking. Dai Yu sat down and smirked Baoyu.Two people didn’t speak or let them make, just smirk at their faces.Seeing this scene, the attack was no idea.Suddenly, she heard Daiyu said: Baoyu, why are you sick?

Baoyu laughed: I was sick for Girl Lin.After speaking, they didn’t answer, and they still smirked.Zijuan helped Daiyu to walk to the Xiaoxiang Pavilion. As soon as she arrived at the door of the house, Daiyu’s body was planted forward, and a "wow" sounded and spit out a blood.

Since then, Daiyu’s body is not as good as one day.This is the last time Baoyu saw Daiyu. On the night of the marriage of Baoyu and Baodi, Lin Daiyu disappeared.Some people say that the love between Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu can sing and cry, which makes people regret.But after watching "Dream of Red Mansions", I found that Jia Baoyu’s love for Lin Daiyu was ridiculous.He seemed to love Lin Daiyu, but he never paid since he was sincere.

When Daiyu came to Jiafu, Jia Mu Ben wanted Baoyu to move to her suite warm pavilion and let Daiyu live in Bisha.Baoyu refused, Daiyu and Baoyu lived in the kitchen of Bisha. Daiyu lived in the inside, and Baoyu lived outside.The two of them were governed by a grandmother and a girl.

Baoyu often uses men to make mud, and women are made by water to describe his natural affection for girls.The two lived together, Daiyu’s talents were both in full swing, and Baoyu often communicated with Daiyu.After the two are old, they are worried that men and women will live together.Coincidentally, Yuan Fei gave up the provincial villa to live to the family. Lin Daiyu moved to the Xiaoxiang Pavilion, and Baoyu lived in Yihongyuan.

After the two lived separately, Baoyu always loved to run into Lin Daiyu’s room in his spare time.After Daiyu’s mother died, she lived in her grandmother Jia’s mother’s house.She has a sensitive personality since she was a child. She arrived at the large family of Jiafu. There are many people here, which has led her to lack a sense of security.

Dai Yu’s side besides the girl, there are almost no real people.Baoyu became her only friend and confidant. In her heart, there was only Baoyu, so Baoyu’s every move was holding her heart.She will be jealous because Baoyu and someone else’s eyes, and she will cry because of Baoyu’s chatting with Baodi.

But regardless of the regeneration, as long as Baoyu took the initiative to apologize, saying "I’m dead, and the soul will come one hundred a day" or a sentence, "I know my sister is annoyed, but if I can’t come, I will not come, wouldn’t it be to persuade us, wouldn’t it be, wouldn’t it be, wouldn’t it be, wouldn’t it be, wouldn’t it be, wouldn’t it be?Is the love? "Wait, all the grievances in my heart disappeared.

Daiyu has a sensitive personality, speaks thin, and often makes people go to Taiwan. The people around you can’t stand Daiyu’s personality. Only Baoyu is extremely tolerant of Daiyu.Take the initiative to coax her.Baoyu’s innocence is straightforward, and has a common language with Daiyu.With a long time getting along, in Daiyu’s heart, Baoyu was already the only person she trusted and relied on, but unfortunately Baoyu’s heart was not only Daiyu, he loved it more than Daiyu.

Lin Daiyu was weak and ill, and was inconvenient to go out.When Baoyu was boring, she would leave Daiyu and go to other girls.On this day, Baoyu’s mother -in -law, Mrs. Wang, was in a lunch break.Baoyu quietly called Jin Yan out to play, Jin Yan refused, Baoyu held Jin Yan’s hand and said: I will ask you to go to Yihong Courtyard with my wife tomorrow, and we will be together every day.After a while, I woke up and I said.

Jin Yan asked Baoyu to play with his brother and Caiyun. Baoyu squeezed Jin Yan’s chin and said ambiguously: I care what they do, I only keep you.

Mrs. Wang woke up, slapped on Jin Yan’s face, and scolded Jin Yan to bring Baoyu. He wanted to drive Jin Yan out of the garden.After Jin Yan, Baoyu still did not converge. When he saw his cricket, he would also feel excited, causing the puppet to say that Baoyu was unconventional and persuaded him to adopt him more.

Baoyu has a good relationship with the girls around, especially the attack.At the time, the attacked family was ready to redeem the attacker.Dai Yu laughed when he heard the quarrel between the two and laughed: Good sister -in -law, did the two of you mix?Tell my sister, I will talk and talk for you.

The assault said that Daiyu didn’t understand her mind. If she couldn’t get a breath, she would die.Baoyu said that if people died, he would be a monk.Lin Daiyu stretched out two fingers with a smile and said: I have made two monks, and I have remembered you from now on.

Lin Daiyu’s phrase seemed to say a smile, but in fact, his heart was infinitely sad.Because Baoyu’s love was not to say to her alone, he could say that he would always be with Sister Lin. Sister Lin died as a monk, and he could also speak the same speech when he faced tears.

Lin Daiyu doesn’t know who is the most important person in Baoyu’s heart?She has repeatedly told Baoyu to tell Baoyu not to pull with other girls. They are no longer a child. They should pay attention to the etiquette. I hope that Baoyu’s heart is only her.It is a pity that Baoyu never realized the deep meaning hidden behind these words, and disappointed Dai Yu’s instructions.

Poet Tagor said: Significant sense of proportion is a sign of mature love.

Men have a sense of signs, and women have a sense of security.Baoyu’s lack of sense of measurement is the responsibility of feelings.He has a good ability to have a strong ability to feel empathy, but it is a good thing, but lacks a sense of measurement. It will give others an illusion, so that those who love him can not see who he loves, and people who do not love him feel puzzled.Misty thinks.

The attacking people like Baoyu, that is, misunderstood Baoyu’s kindness, thinking that Baoyu is different in love.Like Dai Yu, the love words of Baoyu took the only way, thinking that they were the only one in Baoyu’s heart. In fact, Baoyu’s heart did not belong to anyone.He didn’t know how to do it, but he was just unwilling to respect other customs of men and women.Because his favorite person is himself, he is good at discovering the beauty of the girls, and with the person he likes. His likes come and go quickly. It is his passion that makes Daiyu annoyed.Among them, Daiyu’s most crisis girl is Baodi.

The original book wrote: Since Lin Daiyu’s freedom of Rongfu, Jia’s mother has loved it, her diet has been like Baoyu, and the three relatives and granddaughter of Chunchun and Chunchun fell back and leaned back.It is Baoyu and Daiyu’s intimate friendship, and they are different from different.I don’t want to have a Xue Baodi suddenly now. Although they are not very old, they are not as good as the character, beautiful appearance, and people who say that Daiyu is too late.In addition, when Baodi has an open -minded and follower, she is no more than Dai Yu’s lonely, and there is no dust under her eyes, so she is more popular than Daiyu.It is those little girls who like to play with Baodi, so Dai Yu’s heart is somewhat depressed, but Baodi did not realize it.

Baodi is unsatisfactory, and when he speaks, he knows how to observe words, which is more popular than Daiyu.Before Baodi came, no one compared them. Baodi came and snatched Dai Yu’s limelight. Dai Yu’s heart was unhappy.Therefore, as long as it is related to Baodi, Daiyu always cares about it, and even doesn’t miss any opportunity to get rid of Baodi.

Xue Baozhen was unwell, Baoyu went to visit, Xue Baozhen noticed the jade on his neck, so he borrowed it to see.Who knows that there are words in the back, which says "Don’t forget, forget, Xianshou Hengchang".Ya Ying Ying Er told Baoyu that there was also a piece of jade on Baodi’s neck. The eight characters of "never leave, Fang Lingyong Ji" and Baoyu’s eight characters were just a pair.This jade pendant seems to be telling others that their husband and wife are doomed.

The two were talking, Lin Daiyu came into the door and was jealous after seeing Baoyu: I knew he came, and I won’t come.Xue Baodi asked her what was this?Is she unwilling to see Baoyu?Lin Daiyu deliberately ridiculed Bao Yan’s thoughts and dismembered her kindness. If she and Baoyu came together, the family would be deserted tomorrow.She and Baoyu got off, and there were guests at home tomorrow and tomorrow, but it was lively.

Lin Daiyu’s heart is delicate and thinks much.She came to see Baodi and found that Baoyu came first than her, and thought that Baoyu was more concerned about Baodi than her.Baoyu didn’t invite her to come together, but she didn’t want Daiyu to bother him and Baodi.So he was resentful and deliberately knocked on Baoyu in the way of ridicule Baodi.

Xue Baodi noticed that there was something in Lin Daiyu’s words, but she was a peaceful person, and she had a personality, so even if she was uncomfortable, she would not say anything.But a step back of Baodi does not mean that Lin Daiyu will easily let her go.

On one occasion, when Jia and a group of people listened to the show, Baoyu gave a piece of Jin Qilin to Jia mother. Jia Mu vaguely remembered that someone brought something similar to this. Everyone couldn’t remember it. Only Baodi said: Sister Yun said:There seems to be one, but smaller than this.

Baoyu sighed: Why didn’t you see her bring it?

Lin Daiyu mocked: Sister Bao is still limited in other things. Only on what these people wear, they pay more attention than anyone else.

The meaning of Lin Daiyu’s words is that Xue Baozheng’s heart is deep, otherwise why is her jade so coincidental, and it is a pair with Baoyu’s jade?Seeing Xue Baodi forbearing anger, Lin Daiyu raised his chin proudly.Lin Daiyu hated Xue Baozhen, and didn’t let go of any opportunity to slap her. Is it really because of Baodi’s heart?actually not.She is worried that the appearance of Baodi will become the biggest obstacle to her with Baoyu.This is her heart disease, and it is unavoidable.

There is such a paragraph in the original book: It turned out that Daiyu heard the marriage of Baoyu and Baodi today. This was her heart attack for several years. She was so angry that she confused her nature and came back to vomit this blood.

Since Daiyu knows that the jade of Baodi and Baoyu Dai is a pair, he is worried that he will lose Baoyu.So every time she sees Baoyu to find Baodi, no matter what Baoyu is out of her, Daiyu will be angry. For several days, she ignores Baoyu, and even Baoyu has Baoyu in her heart.

If Baodi does not have that piece of jade and has no good fate that day, maybe Lin Daiyu will not worry about becoming ill, and worry about losing Baoyu all day.She loves jealousy, just worrying about her and Baoyu’s feelings, and can’t stand the test of fate.Otherwise, why did she have no jade? Is it a pair of treasures?

Lin Daiyu lacks a sense of security that she will repel those who have ulterior motives, including Baodi.She thought that she pretended to be in a bad way to get along, so that Baodi would not fight with her. Who knew that something happened and made Daiyu ashamed.

On this day, when a few girls had a wine order, Dai Yu said a good thing in the good scene. Baozhen asked Daiyu later. Where did this sentence look like?They are girls and should not read books, especially reading some leisure books.If this is listened by someone, I don’t know what gossip will be passed.

Dai Yu knew that Baodi was kindly advised, and suddenly felt that she had been targeting Baodi before, and she was blame by the lingers of the gentleman with the heart of the villain.Later, Daiyu became ill and needed to eat bird’s nest to replenish blood. Bird’s nest was a precious thing. Daiyu was not good at asking his mother to ask Jia’s mother. Baodi knew her difficulties.

Dai Yu was moved, and said to Baodi with his heart: You have always treated others, but I am the most attentive, just when you are in your heart.From the day before, you said that reading the miscellaneous books is not good, and I persuade me to say that, I am grateful for you.I was wrong in the past, and it was so wrong to this day.I couldn’t praise you by the girl. I was not used. I passed by yesterday before I knew it.If you say that the day of wine is what you say, I won’t let you go easily.But you don’t mind and persuade me to say those words.

This time, Daiyu was open -minded to Baodi, and the two showed their suspicions.If Daiyu knew that Baoyu would marry with Baodi, maybe she would rather have never reconciled.Because Daiyu recognized the goodness of Baodi, she was even more inferior. She felt that she was not as powerful as the Xue family. She was not as good as Baodi’s personality and flattering, making her hate herself even more.

Zhang Fangyu said: Everyone had their own unlimited possibilities and potential, but their lives did not bloom in the end, because the mood of extremely noisy and extremely internal consumption completely strangled this possibility.

The internal consumption is very harmful to the spirit of people. Baoyu has a lot of fun, and many words are not good to mention him.But no one really understood her except Baoyu.How did Daiyu not reconcile with Baodi, she still hates it.After discovering that Baodi was good, all her negative emotions had nowhere to vent. She could only torture herself in an internal consumption. She kept stacking worry in her heart, causing her to have a deeper worry.

Aunt Xue had fun and said that Daiyu and Baoyu were a pair. Zijuan asked Aunt Xue to tell Mother Jia in a joke.Aunt Xue did not take this matter in her heart, only Daiyu got up, so when Mother Jia asked Aunt Xue to talk about Baoyu’s family affairs, Dai Yu always thought that the bride was her.Before marriage, Baoyu was in a bad spirit. When the girl asked Daiyu to visit Baoyu, Dai Yu also thought that she was not very good when she was close to marriage, and she refused.

So when she learned that Baoyu’s bride was Baodi, she was tantamount to the thunderbolt.She regarded Baodi as a good sister, but did not expect that the good sister would not tell her when she got married.She regards Baoyu as the only life, but she is not the only one of Baoyu.After Daiyu vomit blood, his body is not as good as one day. Unfortunately, the people in Jiafu are busy with Baoyu’s marriage. No one cares that she is dead or alive. On the night of her marriage, Daiyu died.An follower, no one came to see it.

On the night of her wedding, I thought that when Baoyu saw that the bride was not Daiyu, he would make trouble, and would destroy this family affairs with death. Unfortunately, there was no.He just made a few days and asked why the second grandma was not Lin, and he was sober and sober.Baodi, Mother Jia and Aunt Xue took turns, and Baoyu saw that Baodi moved gentle, and gradually moved the heart of admiring Daiyu to Baodi.

After Baoyu was awake, he knew how Daiyu’s death was crying.When Baodi knew that Baoyu couldn’t let go for a while, he said he said with irony.Baoyu was afraid that Baodi was more attentive, so he was crying and resting, and it was stable overnight.In the early morning of the second day, everyone came to see him. When he saw that he was only weak and weak, he took his heart.

When Baoyu thought that she couldn’t see Lin Daiyu’s last side, she never knew what her last words she had.He wanted to go to the Xiaoxiang Pavilion to find Zijuan to ask clearly, and worried that Baodi thought about it, and he did not go.

Baoyu said to the attacker: You go to the girl Zijuan to explain that explanation is good.I am not a caring person, and now I have asked you to become a caring person.Baodi was not what I would like to do. They were all teased by the old ladies, and they killed a sister Lin.It was her death, and she should tell me to see it. To tell me, he did not blame me when he died.

Baoyu’s death to Lin Daiyu’s greatest sadness was not telling Daiyu that the person he wanted to marry was not Baodi, it was her.It was only that the marriage of the marriage was made by his parents. He had to marry Baodi as his wife.Why does Baoyu want to marry Daiyu?Is it because of love?I think Baoyu likes Daiyu because Dai Yu cares about him, and will be jealous for him, making him feel his importance.

Secondly, Daiyu never asked Baoyu to take the fame and persuade him to be an official.He and Daiyu were not under pressure, and Daiyu would not teach him the rules of being a human. Except for tears, he needed to coax without any shortcomings.Different Baodi is different. She has an opinion and temper. Baoyu is a little afraid of her in her heart. She feels that she will be restrained with her, so she refuses to marry Baodi.

After the marriage, Baodi was seduced by Baoyu. Regardless of whether Baoyu was sad or she was in bed with her, she never made noisy or even persuaded the attacker to go to him.Mother Jia died, hanging on the duck, Baoyu cried and laughed again. The attack said that Baoyu was crazy, and Baodi said lightly: "Maybe things, he has what he meant.Baoyu found that Baodi was not only strong, but understood him than others, and liked Baodi even more.

It can be seen that Baoyu’s needed is never Daiyu, but a person who understands him.Although Baoyu later obeyed Baodi’s words, she entered Beijing to get her name, and then left her pregnant Baodi to become a monk.But when he and Baodi were together, they really loved Baodi.At the beginning, he missed Daiyu, and then this nostalgia gradually let go of Baodi’s understanding of him.

I have read a sentence: after chasing the true meaning of love for a long time, you will find that when you feel confused, you will find that the so -called love is just another form of affection. After all, this life is too long.until old.

Perhaps Baoyu and Baodi are people who are really suitable for husband and wife, because their feelings are mixed with the trivial of chai oil and salt. This is the true face of marriage.The love of Daiyu and Baoyu is ideal and unrealistic.A little love is called love.

Baodi has never been forced to love. She doesn’t care whether her position in Baoyu’s heart is important. She just wants to live a good present and plan for future life.And Daiyu only lives in his children’s affection and is not grounded.

Romance is not the whole of love. The two people experience the joy and sorrow of life together, and find that the happiness of the plain life is the true meaning of love.Maybe the love of Daiyu and Baoyu has been the affection of Daiyu’s wish from the beginning.What Daiyu wants is a life of a lifetime. What Baoyu wants is that everyone turns around and is self -centered.Their view of love has never been frequently.

Although this is a bit cruel, but Baoyu’s passion is indeed not worthy of Daiyu’s affection. Maybe Daiyu’s death is also a good thing. Otherwise, watching Baodi’s marriage and having children, Daiyu will only die.Although they are regrettable, it is another way to regret it?In that world, maybe Daiyu still loves Baoyu deeply, and Baoyu in that world deserves Daiyu to love!

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