"Can’t make makeup"?These cosmetics can’t be touched!

Can you make up your pregnancy

This topic

It is a permanent heated discussion among pregnant mothers.

Women are beautiful, so they will make themselves more beautiful through clothes or cosmetics.The expectant mothers after pregnancy are no exception, and they still maintain the habit of making makeup.

However, everyone recommends that "pregnancy cannot be made up!" – Many makeup products contain lead and mercury ingredients. Long -term application will have a adverse effect on the baby.

For the health considerations of babies in the abdomen, do you think of the needs of pregnant mothers? Can you make up during pregnancy?

Chibi Maruko-chan:

There are many chemicals in cosmetics, which are not good for pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, it is best not to make up during pregnancy.

Dudu mother:

The crooked nuts are not so particular about the child. I am put on makeup throughout my pregnancy. The baby is born with white and tender. My skin is also properly cared for during pregnancy. I did n’t leave any spots.

Fish Yoyo:

Many cosmetics contain heavy metals, hormones, chemical fragrances, etc. These are very harmful to the baby. They cannot be used. It becomes ugly when it becomes ugly. What are the beautiful pregnancy?

Princess Lama:

Pregnancy is easy to grow spots, can you see people without any makeup?It can be used, as long as you don’t have heavy makeup.

Regarding this topic, there are squares that support makeup, as well as anti -makeup against makeup, each expressing their opinions, it seems that it makes sense.

In fact, pregnancy is not a disease. The suggestions that experts give you are just letting you grasp this "degree".Pregnant mothers can make up, but at the same time as makeup, you can also consider the baby in the abdomen. You must pay attention to the following points:

1. Makeup should not be too heavy, especially lipstick and foundation.Lipstick contains fat, spices and dyes. The dye ingredients are generally contained in heavy metals, which will flow into the abdomen with the saliva of expectant mothers to hurt the baby.

2. Avoid using heavy metals such as hormones and copper, mercury, and lead. Select products with good quality, dominated by natural raw materials, and mild nature.

3. Do not apply nails, paint eyeliner, eyebrows, red lips, do not pull eyebrows, and use eyebrow trimming knives.Nail polish generally has sorbate. Once it is absorbed by pregnant women, it can easily cause miscarriage and fetal malformations.

4. Some functional skin care products and anti -aging products are not suitable for use during pregnancy.

5. Eliminate professional beauty bleaching projects, any electrotherapy projects, foot reflex therapy, pressure point massage.

6. When going to the hospital for a regular prenatal examination, try not to make up.Because cosmetics can cover up the face of pregnant women and affect the correct judgment of the doctor.

Mother -in -law occasionally uses small stimulating cosmetics when making makeup, and makeup removal must be thorough!And light makeup is enough to make mothers look more energetic.

As a friend during pregnancy says: Pay attention to your image after pregnancy. Skin care and makeup can make your mood better. At the same time that it is harmless to your baby, it can also make yourself happier. This is the best.

Regarding the diet, daily life, sleep, minor illness and small pain at all stages of pregnancy, Xiaobian will be updated daily. Welcome to pregnant mothers to pay attention to support ~ In addition, on the public account health 320 pregnant platform, there are also dry goods during pregnancy.Back pain back pain, constant nights, weightlessness … There are corresponding solutions!

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