"Brown secretions" appear in the early pregnancy?Stop stabilize, follow these 5 suggestions first

Generally speaking, 6 weeks of pregnancy are the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, it is a stage where there are some abnormal phenomena. For example, brown secretions in the lower body are a more common phenomenon.Some expectant mothers may belong to a physiological response, and some expectant mothers may be signs of threatened premature birth, and they can be accompanied by abdominal pain symptoms.

Therefore, pay attention to observation, and take various nursing measures, and decide whether to protect tire protection according to the actual situation.So, what should I do when I find brown secretions at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

1. Stay in bed

At 6 weeks of pregnancy, if a brown secretion appears, it means that the "status" of the fetus in the uterus is not too stable, and a small amount of bleeding occurs.Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention to rest in bed, do not perform severe exercise, and do not perform heavy physical labor to avoid excessive labor.At the same time, the same room should be avoided in the near future to prevent the amount of bleeding from shrinking.

2. Keep the vulva clean

Brown discharge can easily lead to the breeding of the germs and induce vaginitis, and once vaginitis occurs, it will be very unfavorable to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, expectant mothers should always maintain good hygiene habits, and should use warm water to clean the vulva every day to keep the external genital hygiene to avoid retrograde infections.You should also change your underwear frequently. The underwear you replace it should be washed separately from the socks.The bath towels and bathtubs are equal to separate use from others and cannot be mixed.

Third, maintain good emotions

Although brown secretions in the vagina after pregnancy may be a reaction of threatened abortion, don’t worry too much about expectant mothers. If emotional nervousness and anxiety may cause the symptoms to increase.Therefore, no matter what causes, pregnant women should relax the mental state and maintain an optimistic psychological state.Usually, you can improve your physical fitness and speed up.

Fourth, pay attention to diet

You must keep your diet a light diet. You can eat more soybeans, soy milk, tofu, and tofu containing natural plant estrogen, which can promote the secretion of progesterone and auxiliary effects on the aura abortions caused by lack of progesterone.

Five, timely medical treatment

Six weeks of pregnancy have brown secretions and symptoms of abdominal pain, which are mostly symptoms of threatened abortion.At this time, you should go to the hospital for detailed examination in time, including B -ultrasound and endocrine examinations.Then, decide whether to protect tire protection.If it is caused by lack of progesterone, tire preservation treatment can be performed by supplementing progesterone.

However, due to the insufficient secretion of HCG and the symptoms of vaginal brown secretions occur, do not blindly protect the tire protection.Because this may be caused by abnormal fetal growth and development, and the treatment of tire protection is not great, even if it is successful, it may have a baby with congenital diseases.In short, if these situations occur, you need to follow the doctor’s order and actively cooperate with treatment.

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