"Below" always has a odor?It’s not necessarily just a simple gynecological inflammation

When it comes to "below", most people will feel that the smell is the culprit of gynecological inflammation.Although gynecological inflammation is related to these odors, a variety of gynecological problems may cause odor.

Gynecological inflammation is one of the most common causes of odor.Bacterial vaginitis is a kind of inflammation caused by bacterial infection, and one of the characteristics is odor.Women’s vagina is a humid environment. It is an ecological environment where various bacteria and viruses exist at the same time. In addition to bacteria and viruses, there will be some other pathogenic microorganisms.However, when the flora disorders, such as excessive anaerobic bacteria growth, this secretion may cause smelly or corrupt smell.

Not paying attention to personal hygiene is also a common cause of odor.If it is not cleaned for a long time, is not cleaned, or over -cleaning the vulva, it may destroy the vaginal flora balance and cause odor.Washing or soap containing irritating ingredients may also cause odor.Therefore, maintaining personal hygiene in moderation, changing panties frequently, and using warm water to clean the vulva every day.

In addition to inflammation and personal hygiene problems, some sexually transmitted infection diseases, such as trichomoniasis vaginitis, gonorrhea, etc., may cause odor.

"Below" odor may also be related to HPV infection.HPV is a common passing virus that can cause nipple -like warts in the genital parts. Repeatedly infected with high -risk HPVs also increase the risk of cervical cancer.Although odor is not a typical symptom of HPV infection, if HPV infection causes other gynecological problems, such as cervical inflammation or lesions related to HPV, it may cause odor.

Others, such as excessive mental stress, diet biased towards fatty and greasy, spicy stimulation or application of certain drugs, may also produce odor.

To sum up: When we encounter a problem of odor in the "below", don’t think it is just a simple inflammation.If you change your living habits and pay attention to hygiene, the odor still exists. At this time, you must seek medical treatment in time to clarify the problem caused by what causes the problem.

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