"Aunt Auntie" is postponed for more than a week. In addition to pregnancy, it may be these 5 reasons.

Female friends always have a few days a month. In these days, female friends are very annoying. They often hope that menstruation does not come. When menstruation is not postponed, female friends are very anxious.Menstruation is delayed, but not pregnant. What is going on?

Auntie is a relative of girls. Every month, she will come to visit girls. Sometimes the aunt to visit girls is sometimes not sure. It will always visit girls a few days later or a few days in advance.If the aunt is not postponed for a long time, then it has no impact on girls, but if the time is delayed too long, the girl will start to worry.

First of all, female friends should know this. It is normal for auntie to take a week in advance or delay a week. If the aunt is postponed or the early time is within a week, then there is no need to worry.If the aunt is postponed or more than a week in advance, it will be paid attention to.

Sometimes my aunt may not come because she is pregnant. If I am sure that I am not pregnant, my aunt is postponed, it may be because of these reasons.

1. Stay up late.Staying up late for a long time, or in a state of anxiety for a long time, or suffering many pressures, then these factors may cause delay of menstruation, because these factors can cause confusion in the endocrine system of the human body.

2. malnutrition.If a person’s long -term malnutrition, it may also cause menstruation to delay.

3. Chronic diseases.In addition to stress and anxiety, some chronic diseases can also cause delay of menstruation. Some common chronic diseases include chronic hepatitis, tuberculosis, tumors, and thyroid dysfunction.

4. Excessive weight loss.Girls want to maintain a slim figure, want to shape the curve of the body, and pursue the S -shaped figure.Therefore, they usually achieve this through weight loss.Some people even control their weight by taking diet pills, or reduce the extra meat on the body by dieting, so as to achieve the perfect figure in their minds.In fact, they do not know that excessive weight loss may cause delay of menstruation and have certain harm to the body.

The delay of menstruation caused by this situation can be recovered by itself, but the premise is that it takes a short time. If the time of overly losing weight is too long, then the condition of the drug may be used to restore the menstrual cycle of menstruation.

5. Premature ovarian failure.Menstruation delay may also be premature failure in the ovaries. Abnormal ovarian function will generally lead to premature ovarian failure. Premature ovarian failure generally manifests as delayed menstruation or amenorrhea. In this case, it must be treated in time.

Every time I came to my aunt, I was very regular, and my aunt suddenly became unconventional for a period of time, and often or delayed more than a week in advance, then it would cause normal.

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