"After pregnancy, I can’t sleep all night all night, what should I do?"

Insomnia during pregnancy is a very common problem.

After pregnancy, try to keep yourself healthy, but the harder you work, but the more you are sleepy.

When you open your eyes again and again, it will collapse.

Insomnia during pregnancy, what should I do?

Insomnia refers to dyslexia at night, short sleeping time, easy to wake up and wake up early.

Insomnia is very painful, and the number of sheep has not fell asleep to thousands of sheep.The more you can’t sleep, the more painful, the more anxious.

Due to lack of sleep, it was very fatigue during the day, could not afford to work, and was afraid to go to bed at night.

1. Change of hormones during pregnancy

Early pregnancy of ovaries and placenta in the middle and late pregnancy secrete a large amount of estrogen progesterone, which affects the sleep state during pregnancy.

2. Basic body temperature rose during pregnancy, sweating more at night

Many people reflect the hotness of the night, which is actually the role of hormones. Progesterone can increase the base temperature by 0.5 degrees Celsius.

3. anxiety

Some people suffer from bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. They are worried about the abnormal examination in the middle of pregnancy. They are worried about the pain and risks of childbirth in the third trimester. Therefore, they will be very anxious and serious.

The family structure during pregnancy will also change. The young couples who may live independently before pregnancy, in order to facilitate care, the elderly at home will help.But the two generations have many conflicts of ideas, which will also affect the emotions of pregnant women.

If you have depression and insomnia during pregnancy, you will increase during pregnancy.

4. Body discomfort during pregnancy

Pregnancy spitting may occur in the early pregnancy, gastrointestinal discomfort, and nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain at night and affect sleep.

There are frequent symptoms of urine in the middle and late pregnancy, and often get up at night to urinate.

These discomfort can affect the quality of sleep.

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5. Lumbar and leg pain and pubic pain in the back of pregnancy can also affect sleep.

6. The burden on the third trimester is too heavy

During the third trimester, the fetus increased rapidly, especially the twins, too many amniotic fluid, and various sleeping postures when they were huge.

7. Excessive weight

Excessive weight affects the breathing during night sleep.

If complications occurred in the third trimester, it is difficult to sleep flat.

8. Diseases affecting sleep before pregnancy

For example, snoring and sleep apnea will increase during pregnancy.

9. Frequent fetal movement

It will also affect my mother’s sleep.

Insomnia is very unfavorable to the health of ordinary people, and it is even more unfavorable to the health of the expectant mother.

Of course, it is very painful to sleep on the side, and it is painful to go to work during the day. Long -term insomnia affects appetite.

Insomnia during pregnancy will eventually affect the development of the fetus. Studies have shown that insomnia in pregnant women increases the incidence of abortion, premature birth, and intrauterine growth.

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Eating a small amount before bedtime can theoretically reduce blood supply to the brain, and it is drowsy and asleep.

Exercise properly during the day, and exhaustion can help sleep.

Don’t drink a lot of water before going to bed, reduce the number of times when you get up at night.

Develop good sleep habits.Go to bed on time and get up on time. Do n’t listen to exciting music before going to bed. Do n’t chase dramas, do n’t watch horror film and television works, you can choose soothing music or white noisemakers to sleep.Sleep requires a sense of ritual.

Create a good sleep environment.Quiet, warm, tidy, spacious beds and soft lights.Ready to go to sleep.A good sleep environment helps sleep.The spacious bed can make your limbs more casual and relaxed.The temperature of the room should be appropriate, and the heat and cold are not helpless to sleep.

Non-prescription drugs

Under -prescription drugs include antihistamine drugs and melatonin.

Antimamines are often anti -allergic ingredients added to cold medicines and have the effect of promoting sleep.Including poker sensitivity, phenylraumin, cetirizine, and pyrine.You may not know melatonin, but you may be familiar with the platinum, and the brain platinum is melatonin.Both of them are over -the -counter drugs.

The melatonin has a short time.

Although antihistamine is not mainly used for sleeping, it has a sleeping effect at the same time as anti -allergy. It is still a non -prescription medicine. It can be selected.


Insomnia is serious, non -prescription drugs still cannot fall asleep, or have severe depression and anxiety and cannot sleep. They need to help psychiatrists and prescription medicines.

There are four categories of commonly used drugs- ——

5-hydroxylin re-absorbing inhibitors

It is a classic antidepressant, which represents drug hydrochloride is also called Baixin. It is a first -line drug.


It is a sedative sleeping drug and a drug of antiepileptic. If it is a patient with epilepsy, there is a recent attack, so you need to take phenobabicia for a long time during pregnancy.Phibbad is a category B drug during pregnancy.Because of the effect of calm and sleeping, this drug can be selected with serious insomnia.

Three -ring antidepressant

Representative Yin Ami Telin, mainly treating mana depression.

Amidin is a category D drug during pregnancy.

Benzodiazoodoa sedative sleeping pills

Represents the Pharmaceutical Land West (Stable).

It is not recommended to choose a nitrate sedative sleeping pills. The use of such drugs is still controversial, and it is not the first choice.

In any case, when choosing a drug during pregnancy, the first respect for the doctor’s order, and the second should try to take the medicine after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Some diseases that exist before pregnancy should be corrected before pregnancy.

For example, tonsil hypertrophy, glands -like hypertrophy, etc., eliminate surgery before pregnancy;

During pregnancy, there is sleep apnea. Buyers need to use ventilator to help breathing, sleep, and reduce hypoxia;

Obese patients should lose weight.To leave a little time for yourself, don’t rush to get pregnant, grind the knife to cut the firewood by mistake.Normal weight is very beneficial to the health of yourself and the fetus.

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